LA CASA LTD. is now a manufacturer of all natural Mexican sauces & spices! We have tried to set up our new site for the retailer to see what we have to offer. There is also a recipe section. So no matter who you are or what you are looking for we have tried to make it available here to find at LA CASA LTD.

We sell in case lots only!

La Casa Products = SOLD BY THE CASE ONLY...

To purchase our products please contact Laurie for the details @ (319) 354-1926.. All purchases are by the case ONLY! 

Business based on good cooking.

The food that Mercy Guiterrez Sueppel cooks is truly authentic. She learned to cook growing up in San Antonio, Texas. Her mother died when Mercy was 7 years old so Mercy’s family depended on her to feed them. She loved cooking then and still does.
Mercy and her family worked as migrant farmers. They traveled the country from April to December, picking sugar beets, tomatoes, corn, cherries and cotton.
“We didn’t have much to cook with, because we were always on the road. Everything was simple.” On the road Mercy learned how to cook Mexican food authentically. She says authenticity in food is what made La Casa LTD, her family’s restaurant in Iowa City, unique.
In 1983…she began catering food from her home and has since turned the operations into a successful Mexican restaurant and specialty food marketing business.
In 2008 the request for Mercy’s products decided the family to change from restaurant to manufacturing production only. With a new location this gave Mercy time to develop new products for her line of “Great Mexican Sauces and Spices.”
For Mercy, success in business is all in the family. With sons Brett (d), Bart and daughter Laurie working with Mercy has been a family story to be proud of.
Mercy uses only the finest freshest all-natural ingredients. There are no preservative added to any La Casa products sold in grocery stores.